Monday was a busy day!   The picture above was a great idea by past President Sean Boldman and has been used for publicity purposes for our club for several years including our Facebook page and the ad we insert in the SOPAA program for events in the Vern Riffe Center for the Arts.  Since many of the people in the photo are no longer members or in the area, we decided it was time for a new photo just in time for the new SOPAA season and our 100th anniversary celebration.  The new photo will include :  Brad Bergefurd, Marcie Simms, Steve Rader, Samantha Comer, Reece Brown, Dick Schisler, William McKinley,  Dave Stone,  Dan Simco,  Fred Gohmann, Thomas Bailey, Rebecca Bennett, Lenore Mason and Tess Midkiff .  Watch for the new composite photo which should be coming out in the next month.  The photo was taken by Toni Dengel.